Best Medical Courses in Nigeria to Study [2022]

It’s easier to mention only medicine, nursing, and pharmacy as the only medical course in Nigeria, but there are more than just the three. There are many medical courses you can study in most Nigerian universities.

Most times we address all the people practicing these professions doctors. We are not wrong to call them doctors as they in one way or the other work in the hospital. 

We will be diving deep into more than those three medical courses and also mention some job opportunities attached to those courses.

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The study of the human body is a vast area of research and will require a bit of investigation before going all into studying one. It’s important to mention that most of these courses will require sheer determination to get a good result, and I respect you if you are ready to dive in despite the intensive effort needed to get a worthwhile grade.

Generally, studying any of these medical science courses will enable you to work in hospitals, health, and research institutions, or even medical laboratories. Check out these best medical courses in Nigeria.

Best Medical Courses to Study in Nigeria


Pharmacy is among the popular medical courses you can find in Nigeria. With its branches like pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, and others, pharmacy is primarily concerned with the study of medicines and their effect on different medical situations on the body.

A pharmacist can administer medicine after a doctor has accessed a patient. In some situations, the pharmacist might access the health situation of an ill person and recommend dosages of medicine to the patient.

After studying pharmacy in the university, you will be equipped with the right knowledge to understand medicine, its sales, and dispensary. You might also be knowledgeable about how it was manufactured. 

A pharmacist can decide to be a solopreneur or work with a hospital after studying in the university.


Medicine and surgery seem to top the ranks when medical courses are mentioned in Nigeria, but that’s not always true. Other medical courses are also popular in their domain.

Medicine and surgery are among the highest-paid medical courses in the country maybe because it involves performing surgical operations on ill patients if the need arises.

Medicine and surgery deal with the human body, structure metabolic activities, and others. It’s a six-year course that teaches you basic knowledge of other medical courses like anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, and others. 

Studying a course like this opens you to loads of opportunities aside from being a doctor – you can be a medical journalist or teacher.

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Nursing is a medical course that teaches you the skills and know-how to take care of people when they are ill. Nurses are needed globally because their use cannot be overemphasized.

There is a stereotype that the nursing profession is only for females, but that’s not true because the profession is open to all who are willing to take care of ill people. 

Studying Nursing in school gives you a certain level of guarantee because there are loads of opportunities for nurses due to its high demand.


Another interesting medical course of study in Nigeria is Medical Laboratory Science. This course teaches you how to analyze body fluids, complex chemicals, hematological, bacterial diagnoses, and others.

You can carry out vital medical tests relating to human blood because the course prepares you with skills to diagnose patients’ internal issues with the use of medical machines.

Medical laboratory science is another medical course with so many job opportunities. There is work available for you in hospitals, biotechnology institutes, research, and you can also teach if you do not wish to set up a personal lab.


Dentistry is a branch of medical science course that is primarily concerned with problems relating to the mouth, teeth, and oral cavity.

This course teaches you also how to prevent most mouth-related issues and the treatments if you have any infection.

A dentist can also perform surgeries relating to the temporomandibular joint, craniofacial complex, and other general diseases involving muscular, nervous, vascular, and other systems. Being a dentist can be lucrative as you work in a hospital or set up a private clinic.


Optometry is the study of the eyes and their related structures. It’s also among the medical courses you can study in some of Nigeria’s universities.

The course prepares its students on abnormalities of the eyes that include shortsightedness, Longsightedness, Cataract, refractive index errors, and several other complications.

Most of these issues might be corrected with a prescribed lens but that’s not all that an optometrist does – they can in some cases prescribe medicine for certain eye issues.

It’s a six-year course that will need your dedication to make good results.

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This course of study produces people who end up being a radiologist most of the time. Radiology/Radiography is a branch of medical science that scans the anatomical structures with the help of an x-ray machine to a certain degree of the illness of a person.

Situations like fractures, internal injuries, tumors, pneumonia, and others are some of the things a radiologist or radiographer performs an x-ray to find and interpret.

A course like this can prepare you to better understand these situations and explain them clearly for further treatment.


Physiotherapy is a medical course that provides knowledge of quality health care to people with physical challenges.

The word physiotherapy is a combination of physical and therapy and a person who practices this course is called a physiotherapist.

A physiotherapist helps people recover from a particular injury or illness through education, advice, exercise, and others. Studying physiotherapy allows you to focus on patients who have musculoskeletal injuries and pains to ensure sick people get well.

It’s mostly a 5-year course but not offered in every Nigerian university. As a physiotherapist, you can work in a hospital or have your clinic set up where you will provide physical and therapy-related help to those that need it.


This branch of medical science deals with the study of the structure of the human body. It’s a four-year course that can allow you to work in a hospital or research institute.

You can also teach about anatomy in the university as a profession after studying this course. 


Veterinary medicine deals with the diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of diseases/injuries of animals. A veterinary doctor treats not just dogs but other animals within the same system.

In recent years, veterinary doctors have grown in demand all over the world. The course equips you with the knowledge to treat both domesticated and wild animals. 

This profession offers numerous job opportunities as you can work in hospitals, national parks, animal shelters, Universities, farms, zoos, laboratories, etc.

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What is the best course in Medical field?

All the courses in the medical field are good in no particular other because every part of the body works with each other. There is no ranking on which is best in comparison with another because they are all best in their areas. Medicine and surgery are important as well as physiotherapy.


These are the top medical courses in Nigeria. Do you have plans of studying any of these medical courses? Let us know what you think below.

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