50 Breaking Your Own Heart Quotes and Sayings

Sometimes, you break your heart by expecting too much from people. I learned that if you want to be truly happy, stop seeking approval from everyone else. When you love yourself enough – acceptance comes naturally from those around you.

Also, falling in love with someone and finding out that the person doesn’t feel the same way about you can shatter your heart.

Breaking Your Own Heart Quotes

“You spent the whole day trying to break your heart. You broke it, and you realized that you were the one that was hurt.”

“If you’re ready to feel happy, don’t break your heart.”

“Don’t break your own heart. Take a chance at everything and live your life.”

“Expectations can hurt. It can make you live a lie, and if you’re not careful, you will break your heart.”

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“Break your heart with expectations because that’s what you’re about to do. I don’t think you know bad it will affect you.”

“Walk away from anything that will break your heart. Stay away from anything that makes you feel less of yourself.”

“A door opens, a voice calls out, and a heart is shattered. People lean on you, but they do not walk with you.”

“My heart aches for loneliness, emptiness, sorrow, and disappointment.”

“Break your heart with expectations, make you cry with pain, but compel you to live.”

“Breaking my heart can set me free. I will pick up the pieces then I’ll start again.”

“Everyone lives their life hoping and dreaming, believing everything will be okay. Sometimes, hoping and dreaming is enough to break your heart.”

“You are a precious gift the world can’t afford to lose. You can’t afford to break your heart, so don’t let it break your will.”

You can’t force others to love you. It’s not your responsibility to make them feel the way you do. You deal with the people in your life out of necessity and not a choice. They deal with your out of choice and not out of necessity.

“Every moment you share that no one else will see is a moment you treasure. So don’t break your heart.”

“Dreams are dreams, and high expectations can break your heart.”

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“One moment you’re with me, and the next, you’re gone again. One second you were there, and the next, you’re nowhere. I don’t want to break my heart anymore.”

“For those that don’t understand me and for those who feel they do, please do not hurt me. My feelings can’t be explained to anyone.”

“You live, and you learn, and you love, and you laugh. You cry your heart out, and you die just the same. Don’t break your heart for anything in the world.”

“Expectations are the heart of love. Expecting too much breaks my heart every time.”

“Throw your love away and walk away. The pain will only be felt when you expect someone to love you.”

“Expectations are like wishes, and when they come true, your heart is filled with joy and love. When it’s the opposite, it might hurt.”

“Time passes by so quickly. Little do people know that somewhere someone will be crying because someone broke their heart.”

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“You’ll have to work through your dismay because what is done is done. You don’t have to break your own heart.”

Final thoughts

Just as we have broken our hearts so many times, it is also possible for us to begin again. We can start over and attempt to build something that isn’t based on the expectations and ideas of others. Instead, it can be built on our expectations and hopes.

The journey may be arduous at times, but it is also worthwhile. Life gives us a chance for us to prove what we’re capable of and to work towards a better version of ourselves.

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