50 I Don’t Chase People Quotes and Sayings

Have you ever found yourself looking for other people’s approval or attention? If so, you’re not alone. Most of us desire to be valued and loved by our family, friends, and community. But constantly pursuing the acceptance of others can lead to feelings of insecurity, depression, and anxiety.

Some people are all about chasing people’s approval and attention, while others don’t care.

People try to put you down because they’re insecure about their flaws. Believing you’ll only be happy when everyone approves of you and pay attention to you will only make you disappointed and hurt. Stop searching for approval and start being yourself. Here are some of the best I don’t chase people quotes below.

I Don’t Chase People Quotes and Sayings

“I don’t chase people. I let them figure out if they need me around.”

“Don’t chase people, do things that make your life better. Chase your happiness and your happiness alone.”

“You don’t have to chase people. Let them come to you if you provide value to them. Chase your dreams instead.”

“Everyone won’t be your friend, even your family. Don’t hope to be liked, be yourself and do the things you want.”

“You don’t have to chase people to find happiness when it is right there with you.”

“I don’t chase after people; I stay for myself, love myself first, then I can share love freely.”

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“People are like butterflies that are different in color, but each one is special in itself. Don’t try to chase people or make them your friends.”

“When you chase someone, they will run from you. Focus on yourself and be better.”

“Do not chase people. It is a waste of your time to chase someone who does not care.”

“Regardless of how great or horrible it feels, those that love you will always be there. Don’t let others’ words weigh you down, and don’t let others’ actions affect your mood.”

“If people don’t like your dreams, don’t worry, don’t waste your time on what others think.

“Focus on what’s right and be true to yourself. Don’t chase people when you can focus on making every day of your life memorable.

“Don’t chase people when you should focus on dreams and success. Everyone won’t be your friend.

“You don’t have to chase people to find acceptance. Be yourself, be strong, and you’ll find love.

“Everyone won’t be your friend, so don’t try to chase everyone and make them friends.

“Focusing only on yourself is something we all do. Chasing people is a waste of time.

“Chasing people is a waste of time. To find them, you have to let them go. If you provide value to them, they will try to be in your life.

“Don’t chase people. It gets so tiring and unproductive.

“You don’t have to chase people to find acceptance. You can be yourself, and it will be enough. It’s up to you to make a new beginning.

“Do not chase people because they will only flee from you. You’ll never see the love that you desire.

You shouldn’t focus too much on what other people think, and while I agree with that, it can be more than a little difficult not to occasionally.

“You don’t have to chase people to find happiness because you can find it around us. You have to look.”

“If you chase people, you’ll be hurt one day, but the pain’s good because it teaches you to be more careful.”

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“Stop chasing people. When you feel like you’re missing something, ask yourself why? When you’re chasing people, you find yourself wrong! Concentrate on being yourself, pay attention to your own needs, and stop chasing people.”

“Don’t chase people, don’t chase dreams, don’t chase love, and don’t chase perfection because, in the end, you’ll only end up hurting yourself.”

“I don’t chase people, and I don’t force anything. I would rather be by myself.”

Don’t Chase People Quotes

“Why chase people when you can capture the sunset? People change, but the sunset remains beautiful.”

“When the world seems so dark, don’t focus so much on what other people are doing. Focus on your own goals.”

“Love is sweet, pure, and divine, but chasing people is a waste of time.”

“Spending time with people is beautiful, but spending time with the wrong set of people is a mistake you should never make.”

“You don’t have to chase people, and you shouldn’t force love. You should concentrate on your dreams and make your life better than it has been.”

“I don’t chase people because I focus on my dreams. I don’t chase acceptance because I chase things that make me better.”

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“Focus on being yourself, and don’t chase people for what you can’t get yourself.”

“I don’t chase people because I stay close to the people I love.”

“Have you ever seen a person chase an old car? It’s so much work because it gets nowhere. Do not chase people.”

“I don’t chase people! I let them show me if they need me in their space.”

You are not defined by what you have – such as a nice car or home – or the things you have done – such as traveling to exotic destinations. You are defined by your character.

“Don’t chase people, and never try to impress anyone because they’re never there. Let them go.”

“Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Concentrate on your goals.”

“You don’t have to chase people. They just come running to you if you’re valuable to them.”

“Don’t chase people that are not meant to be in your life.”

“I don’t chase people as I let my heart and head guide me.”

“Don’t chase people because it doesn’t work. Walk away from those who don’t see your worth.”

“You don’t need to chase people, they’re already in their path, and you should find your part.”

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“I see people chasing dreams. They die before they’re born. Chasing eternity that never comes, and chasing love, that they never find.”

“I don’t chase people, and I don’t let them know. I let them come to me, and that’s fine with me.”

“Focus on being yourself and not chasing people. Let them chase you if they value you.”

“I don’t chase people for anything. I don’t force people for love, respect, or wealth.”

“Chasing people is a waste of time when you don’t reach them, and the chase leads you nowhere.”

“Not everyone you meet will like you, but those who do, are worth chasing. How nice it would be if everyone liked you. But alas, that’s not the way the world works. Don’t seek their approval. Focus instead on being yourself.”

“I don’t chase people anymore as they don’t chase me anymore. I let them figure out what they want and go for it.”

“Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Focus on your own goals because you can always change yourself but not people.”

Final thought

People want to be liked and loved by others. They want other people to think they are kind, helpful, and likable. Most of us have something wrong with us, and instead of realizing it, we attempt to mask it with the very thing that ruins our lives.

You only need to seek approval from one person. Your best self. One person who loves you and accepts you.

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