50 Love Doesn’t Hurt Quotes

Love doesn’t hurt quotes may be a good encouragement to someone who has been hurt by love. When something bad or someone hurts you, these quotes help you realize that love is not about hurting or making you feel uncomfortable.

Love is patient and kind. It is full of compassion and forgiveness. Love doesn’t hurt quotes are a great reminder that true love isn’t completely about pain and suffering.

Love Doesn’t Hurt Quotes

“Love doesn’t hurt! If you say it does, you’re not experiencing it right.”

“Love doesn’t harm, and love doesn’t hurt. All it does is it shows you, how sweet it is to be loved by someone.”

“Love doesn’t hurt. With lightness in the strings, passion in the heartbeat, laughter in the tears, love won’t hurt you.”

“Love is a combination of laughter and tears. Love is you and me, love is friendship, and love creates memories that will last forevermore.”

“Love doesn’t hurt when the one you want, wants you. But it hurts when the one you love doesn’t love you.”

“Love doesn’t harm because love is kind, and kind is all that I am.”

“Love is patient, and love is kind. It does not envy, and it does not boast. It is not proud, rude, or self-seeking. It’s not quick to anger and keeps no record of wrongs.”

“Love hurts. Oh, it does. But it doesn’t kill you.”

“True love doesn’t harm, it doesn’t wound, and it doesn’t break. Love doesn’t tear, love doesn’t give you heartaches, or make you suffer.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all. Love doesn’t die, it is immortal. Love doesn’t kill, it makes the world better.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love’s the greatest thing that ever was or ever will be.”

“Sometimes, quotes do lie, but love doesn’t hurt. You can feel pain in your mind, but love is from your heart.”

“The love that you have can cure any disease. The love that you have an end any war. The love that you have can bring anyone back from the dead because love is the best self-expression of humans.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t break, love doesn’t die, and love is always with you. In every sea of happiness and sadness.”

“This world is a battlefield, where both parties are fighting. But love, love never hurt anyone.”

“Love doesn’t hurt because the love you give, might never return, but the love you receive lives forever.”

“Love is like the wind, you only hate when it stops blowing.”

“When it’s true love, it doesn’t hurt because the heart is forever true.”

“Love is everything, and friendship is everything. True love doesn’t hurt.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t prolong, love doesn’t leave scars, love doesn’t break hearts, love doesn’t tear apart, love doesn’t deceive, love doesn’t steal, and love doesn’t lie.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, it’s only true. Love changes everything and makes them better.”

“Love doesn’t make you blind, though it may make you think you’re blind. Love doesn’t bring you pain, though it may make you think you’re in pain. Love doesn’t break your heart, though it may make you think your heart is broken. Love might be the sweetest thing you will ever experience.”

“Love doesn’t harm anyone but makes everyone around better. Loving is a beautiful emotion to experience.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t make us cry, but love does whisper, “you are mine.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love always wins, love doesn’t kill, love always gives, and love doesn’t break a heart because love simply leaves it beautiful.”

“When love is honest, it doesn’t hurt. When love is genuine, it feels divine.”

“Love doesn’t hurt you intentionally, and you know it doesn’t. Love protects you, that’s how it builds you.”

“Love isn’t easy, but love does hurt. Love is all I have, and my love is for you always.”

“Even amid the sadness, love doesn’t go away.”

“Love doesn’t end, whether you go or stay. Love never dies when you let someone go. It might hurt a little, but true love never dies.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, when you have someone that loves you back and cherishes you like no other.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, even when you’re apart. There are memories to keep the heart warm.”

“Love hurts less when you experience it from the most awesome heart and the sweetest soul.”

“Love can be painful but love doesn’t hurt.”

“Love is a feeling, a feeling so pure, just know I love you, without a single doubt.”

“Love doesn’t hurt anyone, it makes us complete. Love gives hope and makes us strong during tough times.”

“There’s no love without pain. Sometimes, love hurts, but it’s what makes you real.”

“Love hurts, but that’s part of being in love.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t upset you intentionally, love is kind, and love never ends.”

“Love is many things: A feeling, an emotion, a connection, and a bond.” love can be many things, but it should bring more happy moments than sad ones.”

“Love is like the ocean. It can take you in many different directions, but it’s still an ocean.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, because love is light. Love is a sensation, that should be felt, not pondered over.”

“True love is sweet, picking strawberries at twilights. Love is kind, feeding everyone around you. Love is patient, through thick and thin, love is kind, loving everyone around you. Love is protective, loving everyone around you. Love is the best thing that will happen to any human.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, love feels good, love goes deep, love doesn’t end in fights, love just goes on forever.”

“True love doesn’t hurt. Love doesn’t steal, love gives everything, and love has no judgment.”

“Love is you, and love doesn’t hurt intentionally.”

“Love doesn’t cost a thing it doesn’t hurt to care for someone who’ll care for you. It doesn’t cost a thing, to love someone, and to lay your life down for someone else’s sake.”

“Love is felt in the heart, and it doesn’t hurt. Love is what you feel for someone you cherish, and love is what makes the world go round.”

“Open your eyes, and open your hearts to how beautiful it is to be in love. Love is real and love is true. Love doesn’t harm anyone, and love doesn’t break any hearts.”

“Love is a precious thing that can do wonders. Love gives you strength when you’re weak and love makes you smile even when you don’t feel like it. Love makes the world better.”

“Love doesn’t hurt, you only feel pain when a person you love doesn’t feel the same.”

Final thought

Love is very painful, but not physically. It hurts when love ends or when we realize that we lost the love that we thought we had. However, it does not have to hurt all the time. As long as you know you did everything you could do for the person you love without hurting your self then there’s nothing left to worry about.

No matter what we’ve been through, love is always worth it.

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