Move In Silence Quotes and Sayings [2022]

Silence is the most powerful tool you have to influence the people around you. It’s one of the most underrated qualities and skills you can have. Anyone who exhibits excellent leadership has this skill. And those who can get things done in life always know how to remain silent while getting the work done.

There is great power in silence when building your life. Silence can be an excellent tactic to motivate yourself and keep away the prying eyes of others.

There are a lot of powerful quotes about silence and moving in silence. These quotes on silence are to motivate you. Here are some powerful quotes about silence that you can use for motivation.

Move in Silence Quotes and Sayings

“I’ve been through some pretty tough times, and I’ve learned that silence is one of the best solutions to solving problems.”

“If our silence could be music so that everyone could stop and listen, and each voice is heard.”

“Be so close yet so distant, be yet so near yet so far. Let your presence speak for you.”

Moving in silence is power. Silence is power, and silence cannot be misinterpreted.

Silence is power, and moving in silence can never go wrong.

Shhh! We shall not speak, and everyone shall hear our silence through our results.

Quiet is power, and silence is might. It’s what we all need for peace and growth.

Silence is power when you move lowkey. Be silent, be strong, and keep crushing your goals.

Silence is power. If words can destroy the world, then silence should be our weapon.

Choose silence to believe over disbelief.

Silence is power. When all else is said, silence is more substantial than anger.

Love, peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and generosity are all things that I hope one day will rule the world forever.

Think before you speak, don’t be loud and rude because small words, malicious intents, or small hurts can break a fragile heart.

Be silent with your plans, be quiet with your ways, and grow privately.

Live in the moment, don’t make a big noise, and don’t make a big deal. If you do, you are asking for unnecessary attention. Don’t rock the boat.

Be silent with your plans, be quiet with your words, be quiet and listen to your heart, and you will hear a friend calling you: “Don’t listen to the power of silence.

“Many people are afraid to be quiet. The rest of the people are afraid to be heard.”

Be silent with your plans, be patient and let the world come to you. Always be thankful for your blessings, and be able to let go of the past.

The silence of contemplation is full of music. The silence of prayer is full of power. The silence of love is full of peace. The silence of beauty is full of grace. The silence of friendship is full of hope.

“Silence is one of the greatest gifts to communicate. When words fail us, silence speaks best.

Silence is more powerful than all the thunder, and it is more potent than all the voices and more potent than all the tears. “In the morning, when you are strong, let your strength be displayed.” The fear of failure can be a formidable opponent, especially for those of us working towards changing careers or taking risks to live a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. On the other hand, the daily practice of moving in silence provides small opportunities to prove to ourselves that we can make a change and take steps towards living the life we want. Take a moment today to pause and feel the quietness around you.”

“The most powerful weapon is the power of silence. Silence is golden.”

Silently, we dwell, and in silence, we move.

Silence is golden, and the power of words is infinite.

“You’ve heard of the saying “Power of words.” I want to add, “Power of silence.”

There’s something so beautiful in a woman’s silence that her voice is music to the ears when she speaks.

The power of silence can be the source of all life, but far more significant than that is the power of words. When all words are silent, silence is loud.

“Silence is golden but seldom heard. In silence is power when words are used. Don’t be afraid of silence. It will only make you stronger.”

The silence, calm breeze, and peace surrounding me clear my mind. The thrill of wondering, the wonder of never saying a word, opens my eyes.

“Silence speaks louder than words, a fire burns brighter than thunder, and love cuts deeper than a knife.”

A little bit of silence goes a long way. Give your words the power to move mountains, not just talk about them. Win in silence.

“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tzu

Win in silence, loose in words. The result is everything.

Be a doer, not a talker. Silence is golden. In silence lies the answer to all of your questions. Keep quiet, and people will think you’re wise.

Silence is golden. In silence lies the answer to all of your questions. Keep quiet, and people will think you’re wise.

Final thought

Life is a journey; learn how to train your mind to stay focused no matter what is happening around you. Silence quotes are the best way to express this state of mind.

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