50 Never Force Anything Quotes, Messages and Sayings

It’s human nature to want things, but you should never force something if it doesn’t suit you. Never force friendship or love because they could be pressured and not reciprocated. You might end up feeling bad because you didn’t listen to yourself.

Being someone who has been through a lot of crap and general bad times in life, I’ve concluded that you should never force anything. Never force your love or friendship. You’ll never be happy doing that.

Check out these never force anything quotes and sayings.

Never Force Anything Quotes and Messages

Don’t force love or friendship because it will come naturally. When it does, it will last for all eternity.

“You can’t control love, and you shouldn’t force love from someone who’s not ready to share it with you.”

“When love comes, it goes. Never force it, and never force it to stay.”

“Never force love because it simply won’t last. Force may bring hate, and hate can bring disaster. But when you let it flow, you’ll never go wrong.”

“Do not force love because love will grow from a spark. Never beg for love, it will find its way.”

“No life is perfect.
Love comes and goes, do not force it.”

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“You ignore me like I’m invisible, and you don’t even see when I walk by in the distance because I mean nothing to you.”

“I’m nothing in all the world, but I won’t beg for you to love me.”

“Never force love, and never force someone to change their heart towards loving you.”

“I can’t beg for love.”

“Love will come when you least expect it. Never force it to stay.”

“We’re meant to be together until the end of time, but if I have to beg you to be mine, then we are better off apart.”

“Do not force love. It will come when it is ready.”

“Love is a precious flower that grows stronger by the day. Love is like a butterfly. When you force it, it will vanish.”

“Love, like trust, is earned. If you put your heart into love, it’ll never feel forced.”

“I can’t beg for your attention or your affection. My heart burns with the desire to be with you, and I hope your heart and soul glow when you realize how much you mean to me.”

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. It’s okay to walk away and to have standards. It’s okay to be different and not follow the crowd. Just be yourself, and if anything ever feels wrong, then it probably is, so don’t push it.

“I can’t beg for love! I can’t ask, I can’t plead, or force for love.”

“It’s beautiful how love comes when you least expect it. It’s like an unspoken secret. It has to be earned and not forced.”

“I have loved you since we were children and watched over each other. I’m sick of begging for your love.”

“I can’t beg for your love because it’s not my style. Until you value my presence in your life, I’ll sit on the line and keep my love to myself.”

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“You should not force love. The love you seek will come to you.”

“Love is like a river as it flows and flows. The more you grasp it, the farther you will go.”

“Never force love, even when you’re weak and out of options. Love flows naturally, though sometimes it seems unfair. Love must be found from within, not from another’s chasing.”

“Love, love, love, it’s always in the air. Don’t try to force love. Let it come naturally.”

“Don’t force love! You should let the love flow.”

“Love is like a butterfly, you must let it fly free, or it will drown in the sea of hate.”

Approach love and friendship the right way. Don’t force them, and it will come naturally to you when you’re ready.

“Never force love because it won’t come easy. When it comes, hold on tight because nurtured love lasts a lifetime.”

“I can’t beg you to see beyond my flaws. You have been on my mind but not getting enough of your attention. I can’t stand to leave you, but I can’t beg for love.”

“I can’t beg for your love, or will I plead with you to give me a chance to be mine again.”

“Love grows with time and care. Forcing it pushes it away.”

“I can’t beg for your attention even if your love means everything to me. I couldn’t ask for more than your care, but I won’t ask to have it.”

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“I can’t beg you to love me. You either take me now or let me be forever.”

“Begging you to love me is like asking me to breathe underwater. It’s that impossible.”

“My heart can’t beg for what should be free.”

“I can’t beg for your love, but you should give it to me.”

“I cannot beg for your attention, as everybody’s busy.”

Never fight your feelings or try resisting them; you will do more harm than good. Let nature take its course, and your heart will tell you when the right time has come.

“Trying to force love is like forcing yourself to fit in something that’s not for you, and it doesn’t always work.”

“All I want is love, the kind you can’t make, the kind you can’t buy, and the type that’s not forced.”

“Never force love. It will come to those who wait.”

“I can’t beg for your attention! I can only show you why you should give all of them to me.”

“If love is a choice, then my choice for you is you because my love is a simple choice.”

“Love comes from within you! Take it from experience and never force it.”

“I’d want to be loved, but if I have to beg to be loved, I don’t want. You take my breath away, but I will be forced to survive with or without you.”

“Never force love because love will come to you like a storm you cannot control.”

“All I want is your love, but all you see are my flaws. I can’t be your everything, but I’ll always try.”

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“I love you, but I can’t express this through my words. I can’t show you, or can I beg for you to love me back.”

“Never force love, and never beg for feelings because forcing them ruins everything.”

“I want your attention, and that’s what I’m seeking. But I can’t beg you to give it to me.”

“Never force love, just let it come to you because it will find you. Help it along, and let it grow and bloom.”

“I can’t beg for your attention, even though I’m forced to try. My heart wants you, and I hope you see how genuine my intentions have been.”

“Never force love because it only happens when fate makes its move.”

“Love should be gentle, not forced. Forcing affection is wrong because it can only break things.”

Final thought

Things start happening, and it is not hard to see how this can be true. You do not have to force anything or anyone because everything happens when it wants. When you like someone, and they like you, nothing will keep you apart. So you should never force love or friendship at all.

As these never force anything quotes shows you, forcing or pushing someone into friendship or love is never the right approach. It’s OK to pursue a relationship or try to make friends, but pressuring it will only hurt you in the long run.

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