50 Pretty Face Quotes, Messages, and Sayings

Nothing can be so beautiful as a pretty face, but nothing is better than a pure heart. A pretty face may not get you very far in the world — but a sweetheart and kindness will carry you through it.

A pretty face won’t inspire you too much if it has an ugly soul behind it. The sweetest faces will always have the kindest hearts.

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Pretty Face Quotes, Messages, and Sayings

“Be quick to understand and be slow to believe because her pretty face can hide a bewitched mind.”

“It’s easy to mistake a pretty face for a pretty personality. Be careful when you’re with a pretty face.”

“A pretty face means nothing, and a beautiful personality means everything.”

“You can have a pretty face but an empty heart and a fake smile.”

“A pretty face is like an angel with wings and is as sweet as sugar. Be careful though ⏤ she may be beautiful and still be evil.”

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“You have a pretty face, sweet smile, and dark eyes, but give your heart, not your pretty face.”

“A pretty face is nothing, and good looks can be deceiving. It’s up to how you treat other people around here.”

“Remember, not all pretty faces are blind, and not all cute faces are devils.”

“My arms have held you tight as I gave you your first kiss and the promise of forever. The love we felt at my side was like nothing I’d ever known.”

“Your pretty face it’s just a facade because you hide behind your astonishing brain. Beauty and brains!”

“Having a pretty face means nothing if it means so much to you.”

“A pretty face is nothing without a heart, and a pretty face is nothing without love.”

“You can have a cute face, but you’re a soul-less creature. You make me wish I’d never set eyes on you.”

“Beauty means nothing when I have you with me every time.”

“A beautiful face can come with a heart everyone knew was ugly. A stunning face can be deceiving.”

“A pretty face can look fine, but behind it can lie a devil you can’t imagine.”

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“A beautiful face can be deceiving. The beauty we see is a mask covering up the pain we can’t explain.”

“You look so pretty, and you make me smile. Like a flower in the snow, you pick me up.”

“A pretty face means nothing if your heart is cold and cruel.”

“Be careful of a pretty face because they can be deceiving. A pretty face can steal your heart away.”

“A pretty face can be fooling and blinding. Don’t fool yourself.”

“Beware of a pretty face because you might lose your heart, be careful of a cute face, you can lose yourself, and be aware of a pretty face because behind it lies a lot that is ugly.”

“A pretty face can be misleading, fool you, and do many things, but a pretty face can hurt you.”

“You can have a pretty face and a pretty dress. You can be the cutest thing in the world but have a horrible attitude.”

“Your eyes are so gorgeous with a face full of laughter, but behind those beautiful eyes lies a sad soul.”

“You can have a pretty face when you want, but you should remember what you are without it.”

“Beauty means nothing because, without love, all is hollow.”

“Be careful of a pretty face that looks so innocent. Behind those gleaming eyes lies the scorpion.”

“Look like an angel sent from God above. But behind that beautiful stand a devil in disguise.”

“Beauty means nothing when love is all that matters.”

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“A pretty face makes me want to kiss you. A pretty face makes me want to seduce you. A pretty face makes me feel funny inside.”

“You might think she’s easy, but beware, she has tricks up her sleeve. She smiles, but she’s more than you know.”

“You can have a pretty face, dance like a ballerina, and sing like an angel. But without a heart of love, it means nothing.

“You’re a pretty face, as pretty as any I’ve seen, but you have a problem in that you lack brains.”

“I watch out and watch for you. When you step out the door, I wave to you and smile. My heart breaks when I watch you drive away ⏤ always be very cautious of a pretty face.”

“Your eyes are like stars, your smile is as warm as a ray of sunshine, and you are so caring, but you should beware of a pretty face.”

“You walk into my life just like one of those great novels. You show me the kindness in your eyes and fill my heart with wonder.”

“Be aware of the pretty face because it can hide the most dangerous trap. A pretty face can be deceiving and can steal your soul.”

“Your pretty face means nothing if it doesn’t come with a cute character.”

“Beware of a pretty face because it can be a fake disguise to lure you into something.”

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“You have an ugly heart with a pretty face. A heart without love.”

“A pretty face is nothing, but a pretty heart is everything. If your pretty face is nothing to kiss, your pretty smile is all I need.”

“Beware of a pretty face that hides a nasty heart.”

“You have a beautiful face, but as cold as ice inside. A pretty face isn’t enough, personality is everything.”

“A pretty face can deceive you and leaves you alone at your worst.”

“There’s a pretty girl somewhere she smiles and, she’s pretty ⏤ she’s mine.”

“You look great, but I’d be looking at you than some hottie with zero personality.”

“A pretty face means nothing when it doesn’t come with a thoughtfully loving heart.”

“Some people can have pretty faces or have a heart full of love. And you can have both.”

“You can have a pretty face, a cute smile, a delightful figure, and bright eyes. But without a personality, you’re nothing.”

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