50 She’s a Keeper Quotes and Sayings

She’s a Keeper. If you can keep her. A catch like her isn’t easy to find and if you have, you should keep her. Sure, life is tough — but if she’s on your side, things will look brighter every day.

When I say she’s a keeper, I’m not saying she won’t make you angry, or may not even break your heart. In time, she’ll teach you to be a better man. You’ll grow together and become the best version of yourself. She’ll change you for the better and she may end up even being your future wife.

Years of friendship, memories, shared experiences; you’ve invested more in this than you think. It’s the only reason why you keep holding on. Here are some she’s a keeper quotes and sayings.

She’s a Keeper Quotes

Try not to lose sight of what matters in your life, because if you do then it might be too late.

“Finding someone that understands you, listens when you speak, puts a smile on your face, and says, I’m here for you is an underrated blessing.”

“When you know something is right for you, your heart sings a little song. Knowing you’ll be together forever isn’t something you ever doubt!”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, because you never know what good is hiding underneath. You’ll have to dig to find gold and if you ever find a keeper, make sure you keep her.”

“When you meet a keeper, keep her forever.”

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“To find someone who loves you and brings value to your life is like finding a pearl. When you find one, keep her because she’s a keeper.”

“When you find what you’re searching for hold onto her with both hands and relive the moments past of everything that seemed right. You don’t see humans like that easily.”

“And in the end, we pray to find a keeper, a lover, and a best friend to complete our lives.”

“When I am with you, your warm embrace holds me tight, when I watch you from afar, my soul fills with joy. You’re a keeper, but I’m keeping you.”

“To find a good woman is like finding gold while mining for diamonds. It’s like finding quality while mining for gold.”

“When there’s a good woman, she makes you feel better, every word she speaks is like a melody to your ears.”

“A keeper is the one you fall in love with and never forget. You may find her, and you may lose her, but you’ll never find a look-alike.”

“When I find a keeper, I’ll know she’s perfect for me. I will hold her tight and never leave her side.”

“She’s out there somewhere, looking for that special someone, to love her forever. She’s a keeper, and she will bring life to your world.”

“When I find a keeper, I want to keep her. If she lets me, I’ll tell her I love her. If she can’t, I’ll still tell her.”

“Find a woman whose eyes may bring you tears, but her smile brings you life. She’s worth keeping.”

“When you find a keeper, keep her, love her and cherish her, and never let her go when another comes along. Stay with her because she is the one for you.”

“When you find her, hold her close to your heart, love her, and keep her safe. When she is with you, you’ll never feel alone, and when she is gone, your heart will miss her for days.”

“I found your love at last. When I found you, I knew you were the one for me.”

“When a good woman comes along, she makes you weak in your knees. She makes you forget about all the other women, and when she walks away, she lives rent-free on your mind.”

“If she makes you smile, breathes life into you, and makes your heart sing, then she’s rare. You know where to find the woman you desire because she’s a keeper.”

“When you find a keeper, you better keep her because once she’s gone, you’ll wonder where she went.”

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“Through all of the trials and heartache, you should be with someone who loves you enough in the end. Be with a woman who’s delighted to be part of your life.”

“When you find her, keep her. When life gets hard, give her love. And when life’s too hard, give her something nice.”

“It’s nice to have someone to talk to on dark days. It’s a blessing to find someone to kiss. It’s nice to have a friend, someone to cuddle and hold. It’s nice to have you to love forever.”

“When are you going to find her? Finding a keeper is different because those breeds of women are rare.”

Keeping a girl is not complicated at all. You have to be the man behind the curtain, you have to be the guy to make her smile again, you have to be the guy that she can depend on and trust with her life. You have to be the one she will never forget. And being that guy is no difficult task at all.

“She’s everything a man imagines. She never judged me, and she wants to see me better. She’s a keeper, and she’s rare to come by.”

“When I found you you walked my way with a glow in your eyes, the softness of your touch, the warmth of your smile, the beauty on your face, the feelings in your soul, and the honesty of your words. Everything felt different.”

“Holding hands, walking hand in hand, and laying close to each other include things you do when you’re in love, but a keeper will make your life much better by being in it.”

“When you find her, she’ll be everything you ever needed. She’ll be your life, and you’ll love her more every day.”

“You’ll meet someone, and your heart melt. People like that are hard to find, but when you do, they become everything. Find one and keep her forever.”

“When you find the girl who takes your breath away, show her how much she means to you. When you are with a girl that makes your life better, keep her forever.”

“I will search the earth until I find you, keep you in my sight, and never let go.”

“When you find her, keep her. Hold her close to your heart and don’t let her go. For one day, you’ll wish you had found her sooner.”

“I found a keeper long ago, and I’ve kept you in my heart through every trial and tribulation.”

“When you see someone you like, touch your heart and don’t walk away. She’s the one for you. Stay with her.”

“The sun shines bright outside, the birds are chirping, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and it’s a beautiful day. To find a good woman, who treats you right is rare.”

“When you find her, hold her tight and never let her go, don’t hesitate or wait, just say those three words; Be my girl.”

“When you find that special someone, love will conquer all, the world will bow down, and you will be royalty.”

“When you find her, she’ll be the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth. She’ll be everything you’ve ever dreamed of forever. And she’ll be everything you’ve ever needed.”

“She has to be one of a kind because she’s so rare. She’s precious as a diamond and gold.”

“When you find a keeper, keep her, as love becomes lovelier. Give her everything you can, as she makes your world beautiful.”

“When you find the girl of your dreams, show her genuine love from your soul. Shower her with care because love in this world is a special thing.”

“When you meet a woman of substance, she’s the one you should spend the rest of your life with forever. She had an old soul like the ocean, which didn’t age a day.”

“When I find a keeper, I will kiss her deeply because I love her so very much.”

“You will find a girl that’s perfect in every way. Your eyes will connect with her, and your hearts will beat as one.”

“When the love of a good woman comes calling, don’t ever let her go. Even if she strays because she can’t be perfect all the time, don’t ever let her go.”

“Life is fleeting, but love is eternal. Find a keeper and spend the rest of your life loving her.”

“When you find a good woman, and she’s everything you’ve been looking for, keep her in your world no matter what. Falling in love with a thoughtful woman is the best thing that can happen to any man because the more you fall in love, the more you want the love to go on.”

“She has the most beautiful smile and says the kindest of words. She is everything a man needs. She’s a keeper of a man that values her.”

“When I found a keeper, she held my heart in her hand, I hold hers, and our lives bond forever.”

Final thought

It’s important to be comfortable with your own life before you share it with someone else and if you aren’t, then you need to get your act together. Find something that makes you happy, contribute to society, and have fun.

You don’t need to search high and low for the girl of your dreams. You can choose to do activities that make you happy and the people that enjoy them will come to you. Women are good in all ways, they are best friends, and when you find good women don’t let them go at any cost.

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