15 Top Schools in Lagos for Your Child in 2022

Choosing a school in Lagos is a tough decision, one that can affect the whole of your child’s academic career. We cover the top schools in Lagos in this article, including a brief description of each, and their website for you to get more info.

There are plenty of factors that influence your child’s educational outcome, but it’s important to consider all the ways that different factors can affect your child’s school life. While some might argue that the quality of a school is the most important thing to consider, other factors should not be overlooked. From the way that a school is managed to the opinions of the parents and students, every school has its unique attributes.

One of the most important factors to consider is the student-teacher ratio. In other words, if the number of students is higher than the number of teachers, the school will have fewer resources to offer, and it will be unable to provide more facilities that will help its students perform at their best.

Meanwhile, if the number of students is lower than the number of teachers, then the school will have more resources than it needs, which can be put to better use by the students. In short, the student-teacher ratio is pretty much a good metric to judge a school’s performance. Most of the schools discussed here do not have more than 40 pupils per class.

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In the competitive world of Nigerian education, there are a lot of schools that are ranked as the best in the country. It doesn’t matter where you live in Lagos, you will surely find some reputed schools are far better than the rest.

Top Schools in Lagos for Your Child

Greensprings Schools Lagos
Greensprings Schools is one of the top schools in Lagos that was established in 1985. It has maintained its education operations for a long time and prides itself as a member of the international school curriculum project (ISCP). Located at Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Lagos, the school is equipped with adequate facilities with hardworking staff in a beautiful environment. 

Greensprings Schools admits both boys and girls and a little research of the school shows how good they are to make it to our list of top schools in Lagos.


King’s College is a boys’ secondary school in Lagos that was founded on September 20, 1909. It has two campuses; the senior and the junior at two different locations. The school has proven to be among the best in activities like inter-house sports competitions, and other social events. 

The school is equipped with teaching and non-teaching staff, a boarding facility, a sporting facility, and adequate security. Many prominent personalities in Nigeria are alumni of this school.


Located in Oniru Private Estate in Victoria Island, Lagos, the British International School operates a British-style curriculum. It was founded in 2001 and admits both boys and girls, unlike Kings College Lagos. 

The school has a large campus with boarding facilities. There are other things like a playing field, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts in the compound. They prepare students for IGCSE and A-Level courses in CIE.


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AISL is an American curriculum-based school in Lagos Nigeria that’s open to children of all nationalities like Americans, Indians, the United Kingdom, Nigerians, and others. The school was opened in 1981, and they have classes from preschool down to the 12th grade. It is an IBO world school with fees paid strictly in dollars.


The Queens College Lagos is often referred to as the sister college of King’s College, Lagos. The school was founded in 1927 with boarding facilities in Yaba, Lagos. 

Queen’s College is a government-owned girl’s secondary school, and currently has an average of 40 pupils per class. The school has adequate security with well-qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.


Lekki British School ranks top in secondary schools you can find in Lagos. It’s a British international school that serves preschool, junior school, and high school with a boarding facility for only high school students. 

This school was opened in September 2000 and currently, the tuition fee for a day student is around 3 million Naira annually. Lekki British school has a British system of education curriculum.  

In Lekki British School, you find an atmosphere of a proper traditional British upbringing and culture. The school has affiliations with the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and is stretched across a 25-acre campus in the Lekki area of Lagos.


This is a catholic missionary school for boys. It was established in 1928 by catholic mission and named after Pope St. Gregory the Great. The school is equipped with a boarding facility. 

If you want your child to learn skills to excel in all aspects of life, then this school should be your top choice. 


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Chrisland School is another top school in Lagos that offers high-quality education. The school was established in 1977 and offers more than just an academic curriculum as they engage their students in other non-academic activities. 

The best performing male and female students are usually awarded scholarships as a motivation to keep striving hard. They also have branches in Idimu, Opebi, VGC, Lekki, and Abuja.

This is a Catholic girls-only school and is the sister school of St Gregory’s College Lagos. The school was built by the Society for the Holy Child Jesus and was founded in the year 1945.

It’s located in the Ikoyi area of Lagos, the school has wonderful facilities and beautiful scenery that makes up a great environment for learning.


Lagoon school is among the top girls-only privately owned school in Lagos. It was established in 1995 and situated in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria with a population of about 60 staff and 500 students. 

The school aims to provide a well-rounded education to its students covering different aspects of life such as cultural, spiritual, academics, morals, and brain development. They also make provisions for non-academic activities like sports and others.


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Dowen College is a very popular private co-education college in Lekki, Lagos. They admit both boarding and day students between the ages of 11 – 18 years. 

The College has well-qualified staff and standard facilities to set your ward on the right path. The college held a valedictory service in 2015 to reward the academic performance of its students.


Corona School aims at providing a world-class education to its students while preparing them for lifelong learning, service, and fulfillment. 

The school was established in the year 1955 starting with elementary education but with time, they have grown to include a secondary school and even a college of education.

Their curriculum is a fine blend of Nigerian, American, and British style systems of education that they aim to inculcate high moral and ethical values in their students. Visit their website for more information. 


This school was established in 2000 and is regarded as one of the best boys-only schools in Lagos. The school tries to promote an all-around formation comprising of intellectual, technical, cultural, social, and spiritual aspects.

Their classrooms are fully air-conditioned, their laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are equipped to a high standard. They also have a music studio, a fine art studio, and also audiovisual teaching aids.


The International School University of Lagos is one of the top secondary schools in Lagos and it’s located at the University of Lagos. There was already a primary school and that created a need for a secondary leading to this school’s establishment in the year 1981. 

The school has impressive facilities including the gym facilities at the University of Lagos. The school admits both boys and girls.

Atlantic Hall School is located in Epe Lagos State and is among our top schools in Lagos. The school is open to both boys and girls with a population of about 600 students. 

You will find facilities like hostels, specialist rooms, and classrooms in good condition. A major highlight is their sporting facilities such as 2 basketball courts, a standard swimming pool, and a handball court. The campus is also fully secured.


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In summary, Most features of these best top schools in Lagos genuinely impressed me. Having a conducive environment and friendly staff are among the amazing features that can shape the life of a child schooling there. While a couple of the schools didn’t make the list, this content will be updated in the future with more schools that made it to the top.

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