Apply to Universities with No Application Fees in Canada 2022

If you’re an international student planning to study in the beautiful country of Canada, here are some of the schools that you can apply for without paying any fee. This article is a compilation of universities in Canada without application fees for International students 2022. 

In most schools in Canada, the application fee is not refundable even when you’re denied admission. Imagine applying to two schools and spending around $240 only for your applications to the two schools to be declined. 

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While it might not be the fault of these institutions because an application fee is a non-refundable amount paid by the applicant when seeking admission in a school. It’s important to note that this fee differs from school to school.

Sometimes, the number of schools an International student applies for is limited by this application fee because you might be unsure if the school will consider your application.

And on the other hand, these application fees are never a guarantee that you will be admitted or considered and the Universities claim that these application fees are being used for logistics and other purposes. 

Well, some universities have very little or no application fees in Canada and you will be going through them in a second. You can test the waters by applying for these Universities without application fees before trying out the ones that require payment.

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Universities in Canada Without Application Fees For International Students

Here are some of the universities without application fees in Canada and you can apply as an international student.

1. Royal Roads University

This university is a Canadian public university in Colwood, British Columbia that offers bachelor, master, and Ph.D. courses for both international and Canadian students. 

Royal Roads University doesn’t require an application fee when you apply to school here. At Royal Roads University, you apply online and they will access your information to ascertain if you’re worthy of admission. You can go through their official site to get more information about the university.


2. Quest University International

Quest University is a privately funded university in Squamish, British Columbia. This school is quite small and accepts around 700 students annually.

When you apply online to Quest University International before the deadline of the school accepting applications, you won’t be charged a dime. Application fees only apply to people who still wish to submit their information after the University’s deadline. This university ranks top for most international students because of its no application fee.


3. Redeemer University

The Redeemer University is top of the list of schools that offer no application fee for international students, but only when you apply before the deadline. Applying to Redeemer University and Quest University means that you should apply on time to save the application fee.

This university is located in Ontario, Canada. However, the university is faith-based as it combines both academic and religious learnings. 


4. Booth University College

Booth University College is among the schools in Canada with no application fees, but only students who are considered for admission are to pay CAD 500 fee to secure their admission. 

If your application was declined, you won’t need to pay any of that fee, and that’s why it made our list of no application fee universities. Check out their official website to find more information about the school.


5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Fairleigh Dickinson University is another leading Canadian university with low to no application fees. You should visit their official website below to complete the online application form and download all required documents for a fee until you apply online.

That said, applying online to Fairleigh Dickinson University is the only way the university can waive your application fee.


6. University of Victoria

The University of Victoria will charge you $200 only when your application is accepted. You should understand that this amount is an acceptance fee which you pay only if you accept the institution’s admission. The

University of Victoria also offers scholarships and funding programs for international students. The school might be an incredible choice if you are looking for schools in Canada that will fund your research, study, and more.

The school’s official website found that the enrollment fee is accepted by students from certain countries. You should clarify your position on this waiver before proceeding with the online inquiry. The university’s official website should have all the details you need.


7. New Brunswick University

The New Brunswick University is next on the list of schools that do not charge application fees. Being established in 1785, the school is standard and well equipped with plenty of academic equipment and staff.

The University offers 75 undergraduate programs as well as research programs in more than 35 areas. You should check the official site for more information.



There you have it, these are some of the universities in Canada without application fees for international students. Pick the school that suits you and make further research on their official website. Check out some of our recommended content.


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