50 We Are Meant To Be Together Quotes and Sayings

Plenty of people has said this in the past. We’re meant to be together has been known for thousands of years by lovers globally. And if you are the one who is saying it to your lover, I hope that at least one of these quotes brings a smile to their face or gives them the courage or reassurance to keep loving you.

A perfect relationship will never come at the right time. It does not happen by coincidence. Making it work requires effort and courage to fight through problems while supporting each other in difficult situations. Keep your loved ones close with these lovely quotes.

We Are Meant To Be Together Quotes and Sayings

I’ve been searching for an extraordinary person to fit into my life, and you’ve always been there. You’re a treasure to adore.

I love you, darling. You’re my one and only, and no one else can take your place in my life.

Our love is so grounded when we’re apart, and it’s still the same no matter how long we are without each other. I’m sure we will win this game. We’re perfect for each other.

We were made to be together, with our flaws and fears. We are meant to be together because we are better off with each other.

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Two worlds collide, and as you and I meet. As electric sparks fly and we touch in heat. I will always love you.

Tonight in the dark, with the moon as my witness, you hold me in your arms. We kiss as I close my eyes, and it feels like we’re meant to be together.

I’m glad to be yours, although life is far and few. The look in your eyes is what keeps me going on dark days.

Are we meant to be together? If life’s hell or heaven comes to earth, we will always be together.

Love is trust, confidence, and an unbreakable bond. I love you forever.

When you put me next to you, I fall asleep. Without you by my side, it’s hard. But I will wait patiently to sleep and dream of you.

We are meant to be together through thick and thin, good and bad days.

Between the sky and earth, the waves and sand, and the stars and moon, your love is hard to find, but I found you, my baby. You are my light, my soul, and my everything.

We are meant to be together because our love is strong, and our connection is real.

We are meant to be together because we are soul mates, and I will love you forever.

The bouquet from you always reminds me of our fantastic day. Your loving smile is what I always long for every time.

These words are the ultimate goal of many relationships, and at times both partners need the right message to take that relationship to another level of love and understanding.

I ask that you please look into my eyes when we are together and see the love I feel for you. We don’t fit in with other people.

You give my heart the sweetest feeling on earth. Seeing you smile gives me butterflies. You bring happiness into my world and make me feel special.

We are meant to be together, and nothing can change that. Our love is everlasting, and nothing can destroy it.

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Tell me who loves you, and I’ll tell no one. When you love someone, your world becomes complete. You are to be with me forever because you complete my world.

My heart beats for you, and my love for you will never die. It beats loudly, and I am happy to have my heart beating for you.

We are meant to be together because we’re soul mates, and only fate can pull us down.

You are my everything, the moon at night and the sunrise in the morning. Your love to me is what life is all about.

We were meant to spend our lives together because destiny brought us together. Our love is like an eternal flame that lights our hearts daily.

We’ve met once before. I never was sure of you, but now my heart’s stolen, and you’re part of it.

In a perfect world, two people in love never meet by chance. But in this world, we sometimes meet by chance.

The sun shines brightly above your head, and the stars are in your eyes. I am happy to have you here in my world. Have a wonderful day.

(I will) Live forever through the memories you have left me with forever.

I got lost in a sea of tears, and then I saw your gentle smile making me feel better. My heart was told you’re the one for me as we exchanged our vows.

We are meant to be together because our love runs deep. We fit together nicely, as the stars do in the skies.

For lonely days, rainy days, sunny days, stormy days, bright days, and dark days. I will love you for broken, lost, found, and forever.

Letting your partner know that you are meant to be together is helpful for the relationship. We need to feel that we belong somewhere, and someone might be our soul mate.

You are everything that makes my life better and everything I will do forever.

I fall for you each time I see your face, and you capture my heart like nobody else.

We’re meant to be together and be in the world forever.

Our lives have been intertwined, and even though we fight, we are fit for each other.

We are destined to be together. You and me, that’s all that’s matters,

Our love and our bond are divine. We made a promise to stay because we are meant to be together forever and ever.

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You are my soul mate, and we are perfect together. From the moment we met, we were inseparable. My love for you is eternal and would never part.

“We are meant to be together, and I know. Our love is eternal, and nothing can change it.

We are a perfect fit for each together, and I can’t imagine spending my life with someone else.

We always will be together. Our hearts beat as one, always and forever.

Are soulmates meant to be together, or is this a dream? Is this all fantasies and lies? Or is there a divine plan?

This one is for you, my love. From the day I met you, I knew this was the one. You are the one for me, and my life is grand.

We are meant to be together because my heart already said “Yes”

“We are meant to be together.” our love is true and deep as the ocean.

We are two, and our souls are intertwined. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for one another.

Whenever I look into your eyes, I see beyond them. You’re a fantastic human that means everything to me, and we are meant to be together.

We are meant to find each other, and here we are, with our souls entwined. My baby, you complete me, and your love makes me whole.

We are meant to be together, you and me, forever and ever. When I’m with you, my world comes alive.

True love is hard to find. But we are meant to be together, so there is no need to fight.

I love you from the bottom of my heart, and your smile seems to make my day. Seeing you smile is every man’s dream, wish, and prayer.

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As I sit here alone thinking about you, I’m thinking about what I would do if I were with you. My heart would burst with love for you.

I see true love, I feel pure love, and it’s a connection that knows no bounds. It’s free, it’s real, and it’s a love that’s mine forever.

You are my sun, the brightest star in the sky, and you are my fire that burns forever. You are my water, the ocean that I dive in, and you are my air, the breath that keeps me alive. You are my heart, and I love you forever.

Final thought

A relationship is something that was not ordinary from the start. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and love. A couple still needs to go through the same things they went through when it started.

Now that you know these quotes, you can be the one that shows your lover how much they mean to you. The quotes remind you how much love it takes to keep a relationship going and how it’s worth the effort!

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