11 Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria (2022)

Whenever admission seekers want to study in any university in Nigeria, they must understand what the future holds for them regarding employment opportunities based on the courses they apply for. 

The reason for this is that, in Nigerian society, not all disciplines are “relevant” to the employers of labor. These courses may be marketable in other countries, with its graduates gaining employment with ease. Still, due to the present economic realities in this country, people with those degrees hardly find jobs. 

Before discussing the “worst courses to study in Nigeria,” let me briefly talk about the marketable ones. The discipline that top the list of best courses in Nigeria is engineering, accountancy, and virtually all medicine-related field. 

This does not mean that other courses are entirely useless, but due to the fast-changing nature of the modern world and the inadequate provision of the required resources and good learning and practicing environments to allow these courses to thrive in Nigeria. 

Even though people in Nigeria believe that it is no longer about the course you study, the fact remains that while seeking admission into Nigeria, one is advised to check out the economic statistics to find out the relevance and employability rate of a course before applying.

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In Nigeria, as in most countries of the world, studying a good course at the university is not necessarily a prerequisite for getting employed upon completing the chosen degree program, nor does it guarantee a good life. However, because some fields are not valuable or marketable in Nigeria, it is safer to study a course that you won’t regret learning later. 

In this article, some of the worst courses to study in Nigeria in terms of employability will be mentioned and briefly discussed with reasons for their lack of marketability. But, you should bear in mind that this does not mean that people who studied this course will not get employed in Nigeria. It means that the chances of being given work as a graduate of any of these courses are very slim here in Nigeria because no employer wants to engage such graduates. However, some of these courses are considered valuable in other countries of the world. 

Top Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria

After a careful study of the situation of tertiary education in Nigeria and the needs of many employers in the country, here is a thorough and up-to-date list of the worst courses that admission seekers are advised to stay away from. 

Home Economics

Even though this is a less competitive hence easy course to be offered admission into any Nigerian university that offers it, it’s not worth the time and resources. Home economics is simply a course that deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live.

So, if you intend to apply to study this course in any university in Nigeria, please, abandon that idea because it is a waste of valuable time, energy, and resources. In the best cases, graduates of Home Economics get to work as teachers in a junior secondary school home economics teacher.

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This course is not advisable to be studied by a student in Nigeria. For clarity, Horticulture involves the study of the cultivation, processing, and sale of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and flowers.

There is no doubt that it’s a good course to pursue in more developed countries with a high employment rate. This is because people with skills in or studied Horticulture are valued. Still, in Nigeria, as I stated earlier, it is not advisable to learn it, especially if you are searching for a job after schooling.

You can only set up your flower growing and selling business in most cases. Still, there will be not much difference between you and other flower sellers even after attending a university.

General Arts

Due to the complex nature of this course, most graduates of this course find it difficult to chart a career path or get paid employment. For those who don’t know, General Arts is an umbrella course covering most arts branches, namely visual, sculpture, paintings, carvings, fine, applied, and combined arts, amongst others. 

With the current level of hardship in the country and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, only a very few people will be able to buy artworks no matter how beautiful with the little money they have. Instead, they will spend it on food and other relevant things that will help them stay alive rather than purchase artworks or pay to visit an art gallery. 

However, this does not rule it out as a useless course, but when applying to this course for four years, have it in mind that you most likely end up as a self-employed business person. 

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Social Studies

Many graduates of this course in Nigeria, in most cases, end up having feelings of regret. This is because they usually become teachers in junior secondary and primary schools or still have no job.

To make matters worse, the Nigerian government’s new requirements are that anybody who wants to be a teacher, especially at the secondary and primary school levels, should hold a degree in any education course. This situation has hence made graduates of Social studies certainly unemployable in Nigeria.

Physical Education

If you want to pursue a career in the health, sports, or education sector, this is a good course for you, but it does not stop being one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria.Many people who schooled in this field always return to school to learn a complementary course in any medicine-related area in the university later to back up the degree in Physical Education.

So, it is not better to go on straight and take a course in any medical course like radiography or physiology, for example, instead of wasting four solid years studying Physical Education?


Without any intention to exaggerate, there is no single employment opportunity available for someone who studied Anthropology in Nigeria because due to the nature of the Nigerian society, the demand for people with such skill-sets is almost zero.

Anthropologists study humans, their societies, and cultures across historical times. With the struggle for survival becoming hard by the day, the services of these graduates are barely needed because Nigerians have other things to worry about.


In today’s Nigeria, sociology as a course is not marketable. This is the skill-set of sociologists that are almost not in demand. Graduates of sociology go through much stress studying countless theories in school, but at the end of their degree program, their skills are irrelevant to employers.

So, before you consider applying to study sociology in any university in Nigeria, make sure you have the right social connection needed to get a job in Nigeria.

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It is obvious that no admission seeker in Nigeria will study religious courses (C.R.K or I.R.K) again in Nigeria even though it is not a competitive course because nobody wants to know whether you have a degree in religious studies, especially rise of mushroom new generation churches and Islamic groups in Nigeria. 

Nevertheless, you can still take a job as a Sunday school teacher, Chaplain, Bible Instructor, Imam, amongst others in any church or mosque with a degree in religious studies graduate of any of these spiritual courses. On the whole, it is not advisable to spend your precious four years studying a religious practice in the university. 

Crop Science

Graduates of crop science who do not intend to start up their businesses are most likely to remain jobless in Nigeria with the present economic situation. Crops science is the study of crops and diseases that can affect them.

It is also another course that is not marketable in Nigeria. Still, if you have plans for the future, it is a good course to study at a Nigerian University. 

Animal Science

It is better to study veterinary medicine or agricultural engineering than animal science if you practice in Nigeria. Animal science is simply the study of the production and management of animals. Their services are not in demand; hence it is a NO-NO.

Elementary Education 

Only if you are very passionate about teaching at nursery and primary school levels that you apply to study this course in the university, still, the question is, why would you go to the university to learn Elementary Education when you can try out other advanced fields of studies and still have the opportunity to teach nursery and primary school students as well as secondary school students?

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Final thoughts

These are not the worst courses to study globally, but it’s essential to weigh your options in learning and practicing in this field of study. Being aware of the employability of your course of study is vital because it will prepare your mind on what your strategy will be on graduation. Let us know your thoughts and questions below.

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